Astrid Energy Enterprises S.p.a. and Borri S.p.a. merge by incorporation under the name of Borri S.p.a.

The merge is a culmination of a process of industrial integration that began long  time ago.
Thanks to the synergy combining the levels of technology and  owned patents, the two companies will significantly increase their competitiveness by bringing the Made in Italy in the UPS and renewable energy systems high-end worldwide market.

It has been started the streamlining of internal sales structure in Italy and abroad. All current business partners of Astrid Energy Enterprises S.p.a  and  Borri S.p.a.  will see the co-presence of trademarks  belong to the acquiring company Borri S.p.a.. Each trademarks are dedicated to specific product lines. In particular, the brand Astrid will be maintained for all solutions for renewable energy while under the brand Borri will be marketed the full range of UPS systems for ICT, process industry and services, and engineered solutions for oil & gas and energy market.