Renewable Energy

For a company that deals with energy since the day of its establishment, and always careful and motivated to design and develop in an environmentally responsible manner, having achieved both ISO 2014 and EMAS registration, is a source of pride. The attention gave to the Renewable Energies, logic consequence of the company policy, is realized through the “Copernico” line, with advanced solutions, such as the flexible and efficient three-phase inverter.


  • LV photovoltaic power plants
  • MV photovoltaic power plants
  • Stand alone power plants with energy storage system
  • Hybrid power generation plants
  • Battery discharge systems delivering constant power or current to mains

The following accessories for PV plants are also available:

  • Diode boxes for string protection
  • Array monitor
  • Green Power Guardian (supervision system)
  • Knx accessories
  • Sensors: radiation, ambient temperature, module temperature, anemometers, etc.

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